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HYRESSA - Questionnaire on User Needs

The web-based Questionnaire on User Needs (QUN) is available.

Background information about the QUN and definitions of objectives and indicators can be downloaded here.

It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete the QUN. May I ask your co-operation to submit the QUN before 22 December 2006.

Why is your 'expert viewpoint' so important for the European hyperspectral remote sensing community?
You, as an expert in (hyperspectral) Earth Observation, will have the possibility to influence a future European user-oriented hyperspectral remote sensing Research Infrastructure. One randomly selected person filling in the QUN (including his/her e-mail address) will receive a grant to participate in the 1st HYRESSA workshop on Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in Europe, 12-15 March 2007, Davos, Switzerland (http://www.hyressa.net/workshops.htm) where the results of the QUN will be presented.

The deadline for the Questionnaire on User Needs is expired.

The HYRESSA team would like to thank you for your kind co-operation.
The evaluation report can be downloaded here.


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