HYRESSA - HYperspectral REmote Sensing in Europe      
specific Support Actions
HYRESSA - Towards an improved access to hyperspectral data across Europe

HYRESSA is a 2-year project investigating the user needs of the European hyperspectral remote sensing research community with respect to access to and accuracy, quality and conformity of hyperspectral images, especially with the advent of next-generation European hyperspectral sensors like ARES and APEX in 2007-2008.
This knowledge will be gathered through a SWOT and User Needs workshop and a Questionnaire on User Needs.

Furthermore, HYRESSA explores strategies through an exploratory workshop bringing together hyperspectral data providers and users to build a Europe-wide network of hyperspectral remote sensing facilities and to coordinate a user-oriented hyperspectral remote sensing Research Infrastructure.


6th Framework Programme

HYRESSA (Contract Number 026194) is a Specific Support Action supported by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme

May 2008
Final report online
May 2007
Exploratory workshop report online
April 2007
Evaluation QUN report online
March 2007
Presentations Exploratory workshop available
Feb 2007
Final Programme
HYRESSA Exploratory workshop
Nov 2006
Launch of web-based Questionnaire on User Needs (QUN)
Aug 2006
SWOT and User Needs workshop report online
May 2006
SWOT and User Needs workshop announced
April 2006
Website operational
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